Reaching out to a wide audience and transforming them into customers is the desire of every entrepreneur. It is only through making sales that you can be sure of establishing a sustainable online business. However, the sales generation is a process that involves several strategies and stages. One of the stages is marketing. For you to win sales, you must convince the customers that the products you are offering to them are the best in the market. This calls for undivided marketing efforts.

When selecting an e-commerce platform, it is necessary to check whether it’s offering you features to enhance your marketing campaigns. Above all, an excellent platform for housing an online store should have the following basic marketing features:

Customers review page

What other customers say about a product or a service has a direct influence on your prospect’s decision. If a current customer recommends a product, its sales will surge, and the opposite is true. As you know, business is social interaction. Regardless of where you conduct it, the social aspect remains intact.

Lack of a customers’ reviews page can be a source of lost sales in your online store. Even though you promise heaven to them, you cannot get them in your net unless they come across a current user opinion. Hence, before choosing an e-commerce platform, ensure it has an option for customer reviews.

Blog integration

Blogging is now a norm in the e-commerce sector. With the increasing number of informed customers, ignoring this aspect can be a well-crafted formula for your business downfall. Customers are always seeking information to enable them to make a conscious and accurate purchase decision. Apart from the pros and cons presented in the product descriptions, the need to know the efficiency and effectiveness of the item you are selling. As such, you must fulfill their desires for more information. Also, blogs are part of earning better SEO ranking positions. Hence, you need to ensure your e-commerce platform comes with a blogging functionality.

Social media functionalities

It is not dramatic that social media is a crucial marketing tool. When a customer finds a helpful product on your site, the next thing they will do is sharing the information with peers. This objective fulfillment happens through social sharing. For this reason, having a social page icon on your e-commerce website offers you an opportunity to market your products without spending a dime. Hence, always ensure your e-commerce platform comes with social media functionality.